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Arcade Coin Door installation!

on Sun, 01/04/2015 - 18:34

This took way longer than should have (see the full post up on the Arcade Cabinet project here). It was so simple once I borrowed my daughter's jigsaw. I simply had to modify the shape and size of the default holes cut for the cabinet, and shim up the bottom edge a bit. Came out looking pretty decent. Still need to install fans and a power supply, but can now actually run the switch that senses the coin entry off the I-PAC mini control board! Read on for the full ordeal, though it was really pretty painless.

Need a shooter accessory? Make One!

on Tue, 12/30/2014 - 02:56

What do you do when you get a really cool FPS game for Christmas, but not the fancy gun-like accessory designed to be used with it? You make one! Yeah, it looks like hell, but it works a lot better than it looks.It doesn't take fancy looks to make a passable "zapper" Wii shooting accessory; just a piece of wire conduit (or similarly elongated plastic casing/tubing), and some bungee chords. As long as you have a hardy piece of something in between, you would be amazed how deadly stable the aim and control of a home-made weapon becomes in the hands of the average human (even the totally weird

On Like Donkey Kong! Build a Home Arcade System!

on Wed, 12/17/2014 - 03:07

I got the idea a while ago to either purchase or build an arcade-style cocktail table this year (what I really wanted was a pinball machine--one can always dream). After seeing the crazy high prices being asked for real arcade stuff online, I quickly decided I could build my own cocktail machine for probably around $500 or less. The project isn't 100% complete yet.