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Recover Dual-boot Windows from a Busted Boot Loader!

on Wed, 04/09/2014 - 02:29

True story... Came home the other day from work and my computer was powered up and staring at me, and I knew instantly that something was wrong because it was booted into Windows 7, which it should never do unless told (I have a dual-boot system config). Hmmm, I wondered..?? First, why was it on anyway, and second, why was it sitting at the Win 7 logon screen? I figured it wise to log in and poke around. Then I remembered that the last thing I had done several days before was to let Windows 8.1 apply updates and shut down on it's own. I had gone to bed and forgotten about it. Bad move!!

Best Stuff of 2013

on Mon, 01/20/2014 - 03:00

Well, if not spectacular, it was still a pretty solid tech year, in my opinion. This is my year end post where I try to sum up some of the best tech stuff I personally laid hold of, used or evaluated in the past year, and maybe throw out some tips about my picks. I did not get any major tech updates since last year's roundup (no new computers, tablets, or major component purchases, save for a better compact systems camera), but I certainly found some great accessory products. Mostly add-on stuff that will multiply the effectiveness of my current tech.

Where did the "Scan with" right-select go in Win 8?

on Sun, 10/13/2013 - 02:29

Windows 8 is cool, but always annoying me in new and interesting ways. Like a good little PC user, I diligently go find and right-select files that I download off the internet, and promptly use the context menu pick in exploder to scan them. So, of course, I go to do that in Windows 8, and wow... no context menu scan pick for Windows Defender. Ok, so maybe the OS is protecting itself automagically, but I still like that extra little bit of insurance that a manual scan might give (long shot, I know). Ok, fine, I figure I can just run the virus app and custom scan it, and so went to find Windows Defender, and guess what...? No handy tray icon or anything on the classic desktop (and no start menu of course). If I see one more magazine writeup showing how to type a search to find apps (or add a start menu hack), I'll scream. What if I don't remember the name, eh? I don't want to add a start menu anything.. I want to find my programs easily, like in Win 7! Read on to see how I hack a scan shortcut workaround to this Windows 8 madness...